Keep yourself entertained while traveling (airplane) IN RAMADAN!

by Thepakipuff



So basically we all know that RAMADAN happens to be right in the summer season which ALSO is the season for traveling. How can you make the time pass when traveling WHILST fasting? Now, we all should know that travels and trips (abroad) shouldn’t be any excuse for not making you fast, even though there is a hadith about it’s permissible to not fast when traveling. At that time ”traveling” was to travel across the desert. Their travels were long and difficult, and not like our travels today. We sit in a plain and we are at our destination within those 2-3 hours (depending on where you’re heading ofc). – We shall fast no matter what, UNLESS fasting causes you health disturbance. – We all know that it can get a bit boring without food, SO i thought i would make a video on what can keep you entertained in the airplane while you’re fasting. When the human body is hungry, the brain automatically focuses on it’s needs that it’s not getting (in this case food). – We want to focus on other things than food! Click HERE to watch my latest video! Alright byyyye!