Modest and fashionable

by Thepakipuff



Hello lovelies!
Would like to give all my muslim AND non-muslim blog viewers some tips and tricks on modest dressing.

Who says you can’t be fashionable whilst being covered? If someone says so, it’s RUBBISH.

It seems that nowadays (unfortunately) fashion means to literally be half naked. Well that’s definetly not the case! That’s nothing more than rubbish.

Fashion isn’t about showing your skin, wearing fancy, expensive or “popular” clothing items. Fashion is YOU, and it’s all about you.

If you wan’t to dress modestly and YET be fashionable you sure can!

It’s great to fill your closet with long coates, cardigans, jackets, CHIFFON cardigans as well..

Those chiffon cardigans are literally everywhere.
They’re extremely popular these days AND they’re beautiful. It gives your outfit a touch of summer, Which we like!

It’s always nice to have some long jackets. A GO TO jacket especially.
This could be an example! Now look at that jacket, it’s GORGEOUS and it has the perfect feminine touch.
The jacket is from a website, i’ll be putting the link right HERE, though i wanna say that the jacket probably is sold out. This is just something similar.

Why is it good to have long clothing items in your closet?
Well, basically if you pair an outfit together but want to look modest at the same time, what you can do is that you can pull over something long and cute and voila! You can go out of the house while in your comfort zone without any hesitations!

Thanks for reading. Enjoy and have fun!