My duaa..

by Thepakipuff

I live in Europe. My life’s perfect, alhamdulillah.. And i really don’t need anything, but to be quite honest. Sometimes i forget that i’ve got everything. Sometimes i forget that Allah has given me literally EVERYTHING i need to live a happy life.. Sometimes i forget. I forget to thank Allah swt. for giving me such a blessed life, with no sounds of any bombs.. attacks, screams of people dying. Getting hitten by people who are supposed to be “soldiers”.. And here i am still.. I’m fine. But what if i wasn’t? What if i lived there.. In the world which is considered more of an unreal nightmare.. No, actually what if YOU lived there? What if you lost your mother, your father.. Sitting in a corner without no one. My prayers goes to the people in Syria, Gaza, Palestine.. The UNMENTIONED people.. But my dear brothers and sisters who are struggling. You’re not unmentioned.. Allah swt. knows.. He knows and sees everything.. May he grant you paradise In shaa Allah. in Shaa Allah.. Ameen.