Sephora’s nude collection eyeshadow palette!

by Thepakipuff

foto kopifoto, kopi 2

I am pretty impressed with this eyeshadow palette. It contains nudes, neutrals, and never the less gorgeous shimmery colors. I’ve done a couple of looks already with the palette and the results have been beautiful! The thing which impressed me was the pigmentation. I never knew that Sephora’s eyeshadows were this pigmented. As you can see, the swatches i’ve done basically just shows how pretty and pigmented the colors are. 

What i also like is that it contains multiple brown MATTE shadows, with different shades. The palette is no doubt based on neutral colors. It doesn’t contain a black shadow, and even the eye pencil that comes with the palette is brown. Though, it has a very dark brown shadow. The brush it contains is EVERYTHING. Love the brush. It’s got two sides, one side is a blending brush and the other side is an angled, more defined brush. 

Last but not the least, it’s affordable! It’s about 32 US dollars, which for a palette with such beautiful and good quality colors is affordable.

Highly recommended!