This is insane!

by Thepakipuff

IMG_1819 IMG_1832

Alright.. i don’t even know why i didn’t buy this cream lip stain before, cuz even though it’s a LIP STAIN and it takes about forever to take it off ( If you don’t have a makeup remover ofc),i STILL apply this on my lips all the time. Now, i must say that I personally didn’t have high expectations for this product and i guess it’s because it’s from the brand ”Sephora” itself..BUT, i guess ”Sephora” is a pretty underrated brand! I bought their ” Nude collection” eyeshadow palette as well, and their eyeshadows are extremely pigmented!

That’s what we like!

I’m gonna get me all the colors they have in this cream lip stain! It’s just perfect. This stuff doesn’t get off with water. Trust me, i tried and it didn’t move a bit. It lasts pretty much all day long, and then the colors they have! GORGEOUS colors.. Love it. Definitely getting more of these! Highly recommended.