Be grateful

by Thepakipuff

The universe is huge.. There’s probably so many things out there we don’t even know about and probably never will. My question is, have you ever sat down and just thought about how big the universe is? Does it have an end? And if it has, then where is it? I sit down every evening and consider these things.. after a while i realise that everyday is a gift from God, which we forget to be grateful for. So why am i saying this? Well, the universe is so unbelievably big, and here we are struggling with our “problems”. Still don’t get it? … – what i’m trying to say is that yeah, everyday is a struggle and you know what, it’s even supposed to be. What WE have to do is trying to make the best out of it.. Cuz maybe you don’t have tomorrow. Maybe you won’t wake up and witness another beautiful morning. It’s not easy, but it’s not that difficult either. – We as humans focus constantly on the negative stuff happening in our lives, and yeah we make a big deal out of it as well. What’s the big deal though? It’s life. Remember life’s a test, and we are supposed to be tested! So how do we pass? Well, it all depends on what you’re gonna do about the bad stuff in life. Are you gonna be stuck in it, or are you gonna overcome it? It’s up to you, completely.
Ways to overcome it: Be positive, stay grateful, stay HUMBLE, and thank Allah swt. for every blessing He has given you, for even a test is a blessing.
The world is big, and the universe? even BIGGER. You are just a tiny little ant on it’s journey in this BIG wide world with tons of other ants.