The perfect classic RED LIP!

by Thepakipuff

Mac’s ruby woo! it’s beautiful, it’s gorgeous, it’s RED!

Now, when i bought this lipstick i had really high expectations. First and foremost because it’s M.A.C, and then because i had heard of this lipstick literally everywhere i’d go. I bought it, and the next day i was heading for my friends birthday! It was great, i got so many compliments on my red Ruby woo lips! but but but… but, after half an hour it literally felt like my lips was about to fall off. Why? This lipstick is extremely out-drying. Extremely. It’s even a bit hard to apply, since it doesn’t go on smoothly on your lips, exactly because of the consistency. And yet it’s still one of my favorite beauty products. It lasts ALL day, and it’s really hard to take off! The color is gorgeous. It’s not just a regular red, but it’s a deep red! I actually think it’s the perfect red lip, and every girl out there should own one.

With that being said, i’d wish the consistency was more creamy!