How do you know it’s the perfect concealer?

by Thepakipuff


I’ve been on hunt for the perfect concealer ever since i discovered makeup. I always felt like concealer was the most important thing, for a fresh looking face! and it indeed is. But, i just never found the perfect concealer? I tried a lot, and it was either too creamy, or too dry! .. Then i stumbled upon these two babies right here! They’ve saved my life! for real though, the Nars radiant Β creamy concealer is the best concealer i’ve ever had for my undereye circles. You know, when you first apply it it’s kinda creamy, but after like 10 seconds it sets into your skin completely, and then it lasts all day long. When i’m makeup hunting, i usually look for makeup that would last me a long time, and in this case, the Nars concealer has lasted me 2 months now, and is still filla product! Love it! it’s definitely a good buy.

You’ve propably heard about the Hard Candy Glamouflage Concealer,Β now when i bought this concealer i actually bought it for my under eyes (before i discovered Nars)Β I’d heard from people that it could cover up tattoos and all, so i gave it a chance! I received it in the mailbox, and tried it out for the first time! It was a horrible experience! Now let me just tell ya’ll that this concealer is horrible at covering under eyes, BUT at covering blemishes it’s p e r f e c t. I don’t even wear foundation after buying this, exactly because it covers everything so good. A little goes a LONG way, trust me this concealer is probably going to last me at least 10 years more! If you have it you know what i’m talking about, and if not you’ll know πŸ™‚ – GUYS, go buy this concealer! It’s perfect, AND affordable! It’s only 6 dollars, that’s like extremely affordable for a concealer that comes with so much product.

your hunt is not complete till you’ve found the perfect concealer!