"Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside." – Coco Chanel

Makeup look 2!


Makeup details:

Brows: Benefit’s Brow Zings.

Eyes: Front Cover Eyeshadow Palette, Loreal’s slim liner, Benefits they’re real mascara.

Face: Dream matte mouse foundation (maybelline), Nars radiant creamy concealer, Nars multiple stick (Contouring).. This multiple stick has literally becomed everything about my makeup routine!! It does it’s job so well!

Lips: Mac’s “craving”.


Makeup look!


Products used:
Foundation: Benefit’s oxygen wow
Brows: Benefit’s brow Zings
Powder: Benefit’s i’m cute as a bunny
Lips: Sweet touch’s “Reddy” lipstick, outlined with a black kohl eyeliner
Contour: Nars multiple stick
Mascara: Loreal’s million lashes
I’ve been using the Naked 2 palette regarding the eyeshadows.

NO MAKEUP makeup look!



NO MAKEUP makeup look!

You’re gonna look DEAD good. A simple makeup look without it looking like you’re wearing any makeup.. Wanna skip all the foundation and contouring, but yet look fresh and ready to go? 

Watch my video right HERE!

Keep yourself entertained while traveling (airplane) IN RAMADAN!



So basically we all know that RAMADAN happens to be right in the summer season which ALSO is the season for traveling. How can you make the time pass when traveling WHILST fasting? Now, we all should know that travels and trips (abroad) shouldn’t be any excuse for not making you fast, even though there is a hadith about it’s permissible to not fast when traveling. At that time ”traveling” was to travel across the desert. Their travels were long and difficult, and not like our travels today. We sit in a plain and we are at our destination within those 2-3 hours (depending on where you’re heading ofc). – We shall fast no matter what, UNLESS fasting causes you health disturbance. – We all know that it can get a bit boring without food, SO i thought i would make a video on what can keep you entertained in the airplane while you’re fasting. When the human body is hungry, the brain automatically focuses on it’s needs that it’s not getting (in this case food). – We want to focus on other things than food! Click HERE to watch my latest video! Alright byyyye!

Look of the day


Hey lovelies. This is my “makeup of the day”. Been using a lot of the stuff that i bought recently. – Simple yet elegant.

Products used:

Sephora’s nude collection palette

Brow Zings

Nars multiple stick (contouring)

baby lips (Cherry lip balm)
Loreal’s Million lash mascara

Kryolan’s ultra stick foundation in “light”

Nars foundation powder in “honey”

That’s all. Enjoy and have fun!

Brow Zings!



Do you like natural and full looking brows?
I don’t know why i didn’t buy it earlier. It has to be my favorite out of all the brow products i’ve tried. (Trust me i’ve tried alot) – from drugstore to high end products. I once bought the anastasia BROW WIZ, it was okay. – i LOVE brow zings. The consistensy of the powder is EVERYTHING! The gel is pretty much like the ELF brow kit’s gel, BUT this gel even sets your brows in place so that they don’t move through out the day. Recommendable. I haven’t tried EVERYTHING yet though, but this is by far the best eyebrow product i own. Love it.

Modest and fashionable



Hello lovelies!
Would like to give all my muslim AND non-muslim blog viewers some tips and tricks on modest dressing.

Who says you can’t be fashionable whilst being covered? If someone says so, it’s RUBBISH.

It seems that nowadays (unfortunately) fashion means to literally be half naked. Well that’s definetly not the case! That’s nothing more than rubbish.

Fashion isn’t about showing your skin, wearing fancy, expensive or “popular” clothing items. Fashion is YOU, and it’s all about you.

If you wan’t to dress modestly and YET be fashionable you sure can!

It’s great to fill your closet with long coates, cardigans, jackets, CHIFFON cardigans as well..

Those chiffon cardigans are literally everywhere.
They’re extremely popular these days AND they’re beautiful. It gives your outfit a touch of summer, Which we like!

It’s always nice to have some long jackets. A GO TO jacket especially.
This could be an example! Now look at that jacket, it’s GORGEOUS and it has the perfect feminine touch.
The jacket is from a website, i’ll be putting the link right HERE, though i wanna say that the jacket probably is sold out. This is just something similar.

Why is it good to have long clothing items in your closet?
Well, basically if you pair an outfit together but want to look modest at the same time, what you can do is that you can pull over something long and cute and voila! You can go out of the house while in your comfort zone without any hesitations!

Thanks for reading. Enjoy and have fun!



Hello lovelies! Go watch my recently posted video on how i do my Hijab AND how to make your own plastic strip for that perfect rounded shape on top of your Hijab. 

Click HERE! 

My duaa..

I live in Europe. My life’s perfect, alhamdulillah.. And i really don’t need anything, but to be quite honest. Sometimes i forget that i’ve got everything. Sometimes i forget that Allah has given me literally EVERYTHING i need to live a happy life.. Sometimes i forget. I forget to thank Allah swt. for giving me such a blessed life, with no sounds of any bombs.. attacks, screams of people dying. Getting hitten by people who are supposed to be “soldiers”.. And here i am still.. I’m fine. But what if i wasn’t? What if i lived there.. In the world which is considered more of an unreal nightmare.. No, actually what if YOU lived there? What if you lost your mother, your father.. Sitting in a corner without no one. My prayers goes to the people in Syria, Gaza, Palestine.. The UNMENTIONED people.. But my dear brothers and sisters who are struggling. You’re not unmentioned.. Allah swt. knows.. He knows and sees everything.. May he grant you paradise In shaa Allah. in Shaa Allah.. Ameen.

Natural eye look!



Eyeshadows: Nude collection palette from Sephora 

Mascara: Wet n wild 

Eye pencil: Sephora brown eye pencil

Eyelid primer: Mac paint pot in soft ochre

Eyebrows: Benefit cosmetics brow zings